Vendor Performance Review (Part 1)

Hello everyone.

First of all, this post was supposed to be scheduled in late November. However, due to my procrastination and me dealing with life…this post was never updated until now. Since my last post about A is for Anger, I have received numerous emails from ex-BTBs and current BTBs who faced/currently facing the same problem as me. Do keep the emails coming (don’t worry, I don’t bite). And after what it seems like forever…We finally received our wedding photos from The Fotorika.


Without further ado, let’s begin the vendor performance review. I’ve adopted an ex-BTB (KEPAK.B.BING) satisfaction rating so all credits go to her for this rating chart! If I were to do my own…nampaknye this post will never see the light of day.

I’ve come up with a satisfaction rating where criteria are solely based on vendor’s service, responsiveness, knowledge and their performance. The number of stars awarded represent the followings:

(*)  vendor who failed to meet client’s satisfaction
(**)  vendor who needs improvement
(***)  vendor who met client’s requirement
(****)  vendor who met and exceeds client’s expectation

First on the list, we have my caterer and decor from Senik’s Event & Cuisine. Just a little backstory: the owner, late Cik Senik, is my Uncle’s wife’s relative. From what I remember (after going to numerous wedding receptions from my Uncle’s wife’s side), Senik’s Event & Cuisine is a family business. After the mother passed away, the business was taken over by her daughter, Kak Erra. The first 2 weddings that happened in my family, my mum hired the late Cik Senik and family to do both catering and decor. So it’s a no-brainer that my parents would want the same for me as well (just fyi, no discount as business is business).

I don’t know if you can remember but I think I did write about being nervous in the months leading up to the meeting with Kak Erra. This was because I was afraid that she couldn’t match my ideal pelamin. The past 2 decor/pelamin that my sisters had was…dated (one was in 2006 and the other 2013). Of course, Kak Erra posted many other pelamin/decor she did from the past years but nothing screams me, you know?

I wanted something clean yet classy. Not too many flowers but yet not too plain. I wanted something different but I know at this day and age, everything looks the same as we are all inspired by each other. Ultimately, I want people to look at the pelamin and say “This has Fiqa all over”.

Alhamdullilah, the pelamin was beautiful. It wasn’t what I envisioned but it was what I wanted – clean and classy.


I didn’t want to have a busy pelamin so what Kak Erra did was to put the flower decorations on the sides and bottom. It was bigger than what she has done previously for my 2 sisters and it was definitely ME.

Food wise, I expect nothing less from Kak Erra. Truly, she has the best array of food and desserts. I’m not saying this because she is my caterer but I have tasted many wedding caterer food but nothing beats Senik’s Event & Cusine. Nothing. My guests were raving about their food especially the spaghetti and mee rebus. Sadly, I didn’t get to try most of the food because…it wasn’t on our lunch table. I don’t know. Perhaps we were the Bride and Groom and maybe they think we don’t want to taste all the food? I was sad okay!

My parents also engaged Kak Erra to do the bunga pahar and sireh dara.

This was what my mother wanted and I had no say in it because “culture”. I did have 1 requirement – after the nikah, both bunga pahar and sireh dara CANNOT be on the pelamin because it’s going to mess up the look especially on the photos. Thankfully, my mother agreed and I made sure my bridesmaids did not forget about this (my husband’s sireh junjung was done by my MOH).

Conclusion: **** – Senik’s Event & Catering has what I would call it, “wedding package” (food, decor, bunga pahar, sireh dara & junjung, bunga rampai etc). If you want to have a fuss-free wedding, do hire them because Kak Erra is a no-nonsense lady boss and she will tell you as it is. Food wise was beyond words and my decor was amazingly done. They deserve more than **** because they were incredible! I would highly recommend them.

Next, we have the main wedding favours from this shop at Level 2, Golden Landmark Shopping Complex (I tried to ask my parents for the shop name/receipts but they forgot and have thrown away the receipts). The kids favours were a box of Hello Pandas!

This was my dad’s chosen berkat and I didn’t have a say in it cos they paid for this. If it was up to me, I would have wanted a chocolate bar/macaron/cookies because it screams ME! Hahahaha. But all is well and I still have about 400 pieces left.


Conclusion: **** – because they met my parent’s expectations – no mugs were broken and they delivered the favours on time.

Third on the list is Syabab , our chosen kompang group. If you have read my Kepak bing bing post, you would know how disappointed I was not to get Panjy. But everything happens for a reason and both the husband I do eventually like Syabab’s style – there’s some “dubstep beats” to their version.

Most of the liaising were done by my husband. There was only 1 accident that happened on the wedding day – one of the boys informed the groomsman, F, that the balance payment was incorrect (they were supposed to receive another $100). We were interrupted by F as he needs to clarify this with my husband in the midst of our photo-taking. My husband eventually told F to call and show the whatsapp conversation he had with the liaison person from Syabab who wasn’t there.


Conclusion: *** – it could have been 4 stars but if only they had clarified it with their own leader/in charge…

That’s it for part 1 of vendor performance review. I will break the review into 3 different parts. Until the next one!


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  2. You blog about your wedding preparations. Similar to the above, not only are you a resource of help for others who are undergoing the same situation, the blog will comfort you in times when you feel unaccomplished – your archives show how much you’ve done!
  3. You often hear the “everything will fall into place” advice. It’s not failure if things don’t look the way you thought it would – you’re valuing your self-worth and will not accept second best for your big day. But, take heart from those before you when they say it’ll all be ok eventually.
  4. You have enough to live comfortably. While most of your income is going towards the wedding fund, you still have enough left to smile about after deducting other expenses like bills, transportation, eating out etc.
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