A is for Anger

Ok you guys.

It’s going to hit 4 months soon and I have yet to receive the wedding photos. Prior to the previous post, I had a spark of hope that Wandi (photographer and owner) will message me and inform that the photos are ready.

Up till today, no photos. None. Nada. Zilch.

He promised that he will have the photos ready before Raya. That’s when I texted him on 1st of June. On 21st of June, I texted him again to ask why isn’t there any link given for us to choose our photos (so that the photos can be developed ASAP). He replied that he will give us all photos. No replies thereafter.

I had to message him on 14th July and waited hours for his reply. He said it will be ready by next week (which means this week).

I am this close to exploding. And when I explode, it’s pretty nasty. I am a very temperamental, emotional person and I get angry easily (that’s why I take yoga and cardio classes to vent my anger somewhere else! LOL). I don’t like it when people break their promises. Besides, he is the LEAST person/vendor I thought would do such thing!

Granted, he is my friend/ex-sec schoolmate but…COME ON. If you can’t handle a lot of customers or have a lot of backlogs, then don’t take more than you can handle!

If there’s anyone out there or ex BTBs who’s having issues with him and wants to reach me, please email me at syafiqahamid@gmail.

You do not unleash the inner dragon.


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