60 days

Holy smokes. Down to 60 days.

Listing the things here to ensure I’ve most things settled.

Caterer & Decor – ✔ (pending discussion for the decor)
Wedding Favours for Guests & Children (Berkat) – ✔
Hantaran Trays – ✔ DIY (pending buying the flowers/necessities)
Bunga Pahar/Sireh Dara– ✔ DIY (my MOH kindly offered to do it for me)
Bunga Manggar – ✔ DIY (the GTB completed them last year)
Bunga Rampai– ✔ DIY
Bunga Pahar – No idea whether my caterer doing it for me or…
Wedding Cake – ✔
Venue – ✔
Bridal  – ✔ (pending first selection/trial makeup)
Bridal Bouquet – ✔
Henna – ✔ (have yet to decide which inai should I get)
Photographer – ✔ (pending pre-wed photoshoot)
Music/MC/Entertainment – ✔
Kompang – ✔
Photobooth/Guestbook – ✔ DIY (pending the decor for the table)
Wedding Invitations 
✔ (pending sending the invitations out)
Wedding Rings

Bridesmaids & Groomsmen Attire –

I’m left with:

  • buying the last 2 gifts for my hantaran trays
  • buying the bridal shoes (which I will use for the next few years of Hari Raya hence, it has to be practical)
  • getting/buying all the DIY stuff

Insyaallah, everything will go as planned. C R U N C H time!


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