A peace of cake

This post is a  long time coming. I’ve been dying to update a post about my chosen cake vendor. I’ve finally paid the deposit and it is safe to finally reveal the baker….

Who is none other than The Cake Anthem (TCA). I first heard of her since the very first Eiding the Feast.

Eiding The Feast is a charity bake sale which sees Singaporean home bakers from all walks of life come together, sponsor their bakes and with the money raised from the bake sale, founder Shereen Naaz and her partners, Kit Ying and Yasmeen, organise for cooked food meal donations to children’s homes in Singapore for children to break their fast with during the month of Ramadhan.

Apart from secretly salivating her bakes online, I was also loving how humble and down to earth she was (she was an ex-SQ stewardess)! I met her back in August 2015 when I was my friend’s bridesmaid and had to liaise with her as she was the baker. It’s the 2nd time I met her but the first to ever communicate with her. She has such positive vibes, super smiley and really humble (she’s really pretty too)! That’s when it hit me that I would want to have the same positive vibes from all my vendors when it’s my turn (tak kirelah you are well-known or what, but positive vibes are a must to have a great relationship between 2 people or more).

She was one of my top 3 choices (one of them was of course Fluff Bakery). Some time last year, I messaged TCA to ask if they are taking in 2017 bookings. Unfortunately, she’s only opening her slots at the later part of the year. Having said that, I was informed of her cake price list. Alhamdullilah, it’s within my budget for:

  • 2 tier cakes
  • Floral arrangement
  • Delivery

I was really keen on getting her for my wedding cake and I really love her designs! Luckily, she mentioned that she will do a ‘soft booking’ for me but still…. To me, nothing is confirmed until a deposit is being paid 😦

On the other hand, Fluff opened up their 2017 calendar towards the end of last year. Of course I had to inquire to know how much was the market rate (even though a friend of mine had their wedding cake back in January 2015). You guys… Like all other vendors, Fluff also increased their prices and it was way above my budget. But again, to each his own. If you really love her style/flavour/cake, then by all means spend all you want 🙂

When TCA finally opened their 2017 bookings late last year, I messaged them and asked if my date was still available. Alhamdullilah, she really did ‘soft booked’ it for me. As I was traveling back and forth in November to December, our conversations were left hanging. I only realized that I didn’t pay the deposit on the first week of January! So I quickly confirmed the flavours/look/details of the cake and wham bam…

Finally confirmed everything with TCA. Alhamdullilah.

P/S: Thought I might highlight this for memory sake/future BTBs memo:

TCA really went all out to advise me a few things on the cake. For example, I wanted a 10″base + 6″top but she recommended to go for the 8″base + 6″top as it will look better for the look that I’m going for. Even though there was a huge price difference (10″ vs 8″), she cared more about her aesthetic rather than getting more $$. To all future BTBs (in whatever stage of planning you are at), find the vendors that are sincere in getting your dream/visual a reality. A good rapport is a must to ensure things will go smoothly at the end of the day. Bonus points will be given to vendors that are honest and sincere and not out to cheat/take advantage of your money.

You do you and always remember the main intention of the wedding: Two families are coming together for Allah. This union is for Him.

It took me a while to get to this part but I’m beginning to realize that all these little details are trivial and small in comparison to His blessings. Insyaallah, everything will go smoothly with His blessings 🙂 Thank you Aida for this reminder.


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