Hustling (part 2)

A while back, the GTB and I went to JB Larkin to get my wedding invitation cards printed (read here).

That was in September.

Based on our conversations and hard copy of the receipt, it’s stated that within 2 weeks (10 days as stated in the receipt) from the first deposit, we would get a soft/digital copy of our card. After our approval, they will proceed to print. Within a month (stated 14 days in the receipt), we will be able to collect the cards.

That didn’t happen.

Let me give you the timeline:

24th September: Went to Thong Seng and paid 50% of our deposit
8th October: I emailed them a soft copy of our design and to add an additional 50 more pieces

10 days passed and still no email.

25th October: Dropped them an email to ask if the design fits the chosen card size

I received a call a week later and they asked if I already send in the design. I told them I already did AND emailed them again but still no reply. They told me they will check and get back to me.

8th November: Finally they replied and said that my design fits and they resend back my design
9th November: When they sent back the soft copy of the design, I was confused. Am I supposed to look for something? So I replied back and asked if the border fits and it should not be out of frame (bridezilla alert)
9th November: They asked if they could proceed with printing (did not reply my question)
10th November: I emailed and asked them again

No reply until…I emailed them again on the 15th November

15th November: They finally replied!
16th November: Replied them to proceed with the printing and to confirm additional 50 more pieces

No reply/updates.

29th November: I emailed and asked if my cards were ready for collection

No reply/updates.

6th December: Dropped them an email to ask if the cards were ready.
6th December: They replied and said that my cards were ready
6th December: I asked if total number of cards were 600 since they did not get back about this
6th December: They replied and said that it’s 600 pieces
27th December: Emailed them out of courtesy to inform that I’m coming down on 29th December

Came down on the 29th, braced the crowd and made it to Larkin after a 3-4hr jam at Causeway. Upon arriving, I checked with them again if it was 600 pieces. The Lady boss seemed confused and checked the receipt. I told her my copy of receipt was for 550 pieces but I already emailed a gazillion times that I need 50 pieces more. So the Lady boss and her salesperson took out one stack and “recounted”. Oh by the way, the envelopes were not even ready!

She counted one stack and said “Okay, 300”. And I asked how about the other stack? She said, “Oh…Ini sama height jadi should be 600“.

Holy moly. By this time, I was like….

So the salesperson came out with a box of 500 envelopes (written on the box) and another 100 more pieces of loose envelopes. She stacked them in and I asked her to reconfirm whether she counted the loose 100 pieces of envelopes. She said yes.

So I give you benefit of the doubt. No point tipu customers right?

The next day, I wanted to show the invitation cards to my sisters and casually counted them.

You guys….

I was missing 10 pieces of cards and 5 of them were defected (ie. printed wrongly). The 100 loose envelopes were short of 2. Luckily, the box of envelopes had 3 extra pieces (so the number on the box shouldn’t be 500 but instead 503 LOL). Oh my goodness. There was not even any extra pieces of the cards please!


30th December: Emailed them with proof of the damage cards and told them I’m missing 10 pieces
30th December: They replied and I quote ” just double checked with supplier on this, they say normally they will print 10 to 15pcs card extra. Is the card enough?”

Which part of I’m missing 10 pieces don’t you understand?

So I replied on the very same day and gave them the breakdown. Again, I asked for 15 pieces.

3rd Jan: Finally they replied and said they managed to get 11 pieces from supplier and I can come down anytime.

I. Just. Can’t.

To the last few people that won’t receive the card, you will get a digital copy okay!

At the end of this whole traumatic experience, I’ll say that buat dekat negeri sendiri lagi afdal. It’s really not worth it going back and forth JB and the emails… You have to wait gazillion years for them to get back. Of course, maybe your experience would be better than mine. However, I strongly advise that unless you have the whole energy and time in the world (and you want to cut costs), by all means do it in JB.


7 thoughts on “Hustling (part 2)

    • Potential Bridezilla says:

      Gerammm kan. When my GTB collected the additional 10 cards last week w/o me, the husband/owner lagi boleh comment that his supplier always give extras. Like, you think I have enough time to deal with you to get additional 10 cards ke? *shakes head*


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