ROMM interview

Apart from the pre-marriage course and the booking of Tok Kadi, the ROMM interview was one of the things that I was looking forward to strike them out from my list 😉

As you all know, the registration will be deemed confirmed only when you (the BTB), future husband (GTB) and Wali has given their statutory declarations and all necessary documents have been verified by the Registry.

Like I mentioned before, I wanted to get the nitty gritty stuff done before the year ends. You can choose to go anytime after you book your Kadi as long as before 5 weeks before your wedding.

ROM & ROMM share the same building. Their opening hours are –

Monday – Thursday  8.30am to 11.30am
 2.00pm to 3.30pm
Friday  8.30am to 11.00am
 2.30pm to 3.30pm

We went on the 5th December, Monday, and we were the first Muslim couple to get our number (we waited outside the building at about 7.30am). Trust me, we were NOT the first in line!

There were quite of a number of documents you need to bring and you can find the deeds here (varies for each couple). Although the pre-marriage course/certificate is not compulsory anymore, I decided to just bring them because who knows they might want to see it.

I’ve heard various experiences from fellow ex-BTBs about this “scary interview” and about how the Ustaz will test your Quran/doa knowledge and asked hard questions. Trust me ladies, there’s nothing to be afraid of!

There’s 2 procedures: Document verification (DV) and Statutory Declaration (SD).

During the DV, we had to wait for our number. Once our number was called, we went to one of the counters behind the glass wall and passed our IC’s and my Wali’s IC (which is my Dad). We had to double check our info (solemnization date and time/mas kahwin/hantaran etc) and that’s when I realized that the GTB put the incorrect number for my home telephone.

Luckily, we could change on the spot and do not need to pay for the amendments. After that, we had to sign and wait outside for our number to be called again.

Within the next 5 minutes, our number was called. This time, my Dad went into one of the rooms with the forms. He was in and out within 2 minutes. He told us that the Ustaz asked –

  1. If I was his legitimate daughter?
  2. If he’s the father?
  3. If he approves of the marriage?

He was told to sign and take the oath.

After that, the GTB was prepared to go in. However, my Dad told us that the Ustaz wanted both of us to enter. I was hesitant because based on my research, the BTB and GTB had to enter separately. But he insisted and we…eventually went in.

Before the Ustaz asked THE questions, he verified our names again to the GTB. We noticed that the Ustaz was mumbling and we could not hear him that well. We kept looking at each other and asked him to repeat his sentences.

He then asked him questions –

  1. Has he been married before?
  2. Has he been engaged to anyone else before?

He then asked him to check his particulars again and take the oath. After which, he had to sign the form.

Here’s a funny incident. During the oath, the Ustaz was mumbling and the GTB (and I) had to follow sentence by sentence. At one part of the sentence, the GTB said wrongly! BUT the Ustaz didn’t even bother to correct him! I was like “Is he forreaaaal?” Clearly, the Ustaz was in a mood. Then he turned to me and asked me the same questions.

After which, he asked us –

  1. If we have taken any religious classes when we were younger and where?
  2. If we are still taking religious classes?
  3. If we have taken the marriage course?

He wished us the best and we went outside the room trying so hard not to laugh at the funny incident. Anyway, niat itu penting kan? We were in and out of the building within 20minutes!

With that said, we are one step closer!

Like how everyone else put it – yay yay dah boleh kahwin!


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