Hustling (part 1)

I don’t know how or why BTBs are always looking forward to plan their wedding (and ex-BTBs to go back to the planning stage). And here I’m like “writing this feels like a chore already…”

Maybe it’s a work hazard thing as I’m already planning/scheduling a TV series – meetings with various departments (wardrobe/art/props/makeup/casting), scheduling, location recce. But good on you BTBs because this is a once in a lifetime event, so plan all you can šŸ˜‰

Anyway in late October, we passed our 150 days mark which means –

Booking ofĀ Tok Kadi

The process (choosing and booking), I totally let the GTB decide as he will be the one facing theĀ Tok KadiĀ not me. So I didn’t play any part in choosing theĀ Tok KadiĀ or give him my choices. What I know is that at the end of the day, he had booked theĀ Tok KadiĀ and he is available on our date šŸ™‚

Little did we both know that the father of our chosenĀ Tok Kadi,Ā was both of our parentsĀ Kadi (UstazĀ Pasuni Bin Maulan)! Ā That being said, ourĀ KadiĀ will beĀ Naib Kadi Syakir Bin Pasuni.

What a nice coincidence.

Then came November… The GTB and I finally painted my room. My mum (who else righhhht) have been pestering me to paint the room but I told her that I will find the time before the year ends.Ā I got this Ma!

My room was already white to begin with. But we repainted it white again since the last time it was painted was in 2013. I decided to have a feature wall and since I was on a ‘minimalistic approach’, the feature wall will be in the shadeĀ grey. Both paints were bought from Nippon. You can find the shadesĀ hereĀ (I chose snow flakes and steel grey).

You guys… I didn’t know that even a tiny pail of paint could be so expensive!

I paid a total of $91 (with a tiny discount) for Nippon paint easy wash (5litres for snow flakes and 1litre for stylish grey). We took 2 full Saturdays to finish painting the whole room (with multiple breaks). My advise is that: if you have the budget, please hire someone to do it because painting the ceiling is a lot of WORK šŸ˜„

Alhamdullilah, one less thing to worry now that the room is done. Awaiting the bed delivery which I postponed it to be end January. You can read my postĀ here.

Until the next update!


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