82 days mark


And just like that, we are less than 100 days away to the wedding.

This post was meant to be written on our 100 days mark but I’ve been swarmed with work (having to go to Chiang Mai for overseas recce in November and the shoot itself in December). So apologies if this post sounds very incoherent.

I’m feeling a bit nervous because I’m not sure if I have everything down. Sure, I do have an organizer but I rarely refer to them because I feel that my memory serves me best. We shall see about that, eh?

Some time in September, I decided to meet up with Nawwarah Bridal to discuss our customized evening wear. I have been liaising with her assistant, Zubaidah, who coincidentally was my primary school mate’s sister (and junior)! So for the past two appointments, I have yet to meet Natasha.

Anyway, when I enquired with Nawwarah 2 years back…they were just starting their bridal business. They stated that those who booked them for their bridal will get to customized their outfits. So…this was one of the perks that made me chose them. I think I might have asked how many outfits we can customized and they stated 1 (in the receipt too). But recently, I’ve been seeing a lot of Nawwarah brides who’re getting married in 2017 and able to customized all their outfits! I was kinda bitter but I got over it because tak rezeki kan.

Here’s a sneak peek of my customized evening wear after the 2nd revision!

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

As much as I am an OCD person, I don’t have a pinterest board. So all my ideas came from my heavy research on IG. I based all my inspirations from Mimpi Kita’s silhouette, Fuzana Mokhata’s lace and train designs, Zuhair Murad’s and Elie Saab’s dreamy lace gowns (if you can’t already tell… I love lace).

I’m hoping it will turn out well, insyaallah.

In the same month, the GTB and I decided to get my wedding ring which will be my mas kahwin as well. From the get go, I know I do not want the generic wedding design aka Tiffany & Co., Bvlgari, Love & Co etc. My engagement ring was already from Tiffany & Co. (which was a simple band with a super tiny diamond) and it didn’t cost a bomb. I’m really not a diamonds kinda girl… I prefer gemstones 🙂

I did my research way back and I know that Fairy’s Inc and Gem by Gems do customization (and they have gemstones)! I didn’t have any particular vendor in mind to do the ring so I told the GTB to book an appointment with Gem by Gems.

Meeting the owner, Mr Tanweer, was a breeze. The meeting lasted for about an hour with us putting a 50% deposit. From the start, I told him that I’m interested in gemstones and not diamonds. I would want an alexandrite or a moonstone because that’s my birthstone. He told me that he don’t have any alexandrite gems at the moment and if I wanted one, he would have to source for it and he may or may not have them in time for the wedding. So kirekan…my gemstones are rare like me lah! Hahahahah. So then, I decided maybe I should get a blue stone to match the GTB’s ring (which be bought from America). Mr Tanweer showed us a few blue topaz and moonstones.

At the end of the day, I decided to get the blue topaz instead as it matches the GTB’s ring. I gave him my design inspirations and less than 2 weeks later, he gave us the sketch of the ring.

Coincidentally, all my inspirations gems are blue! So…guess which design I finally set my heart on? 🙂

September was indeed a busy month for the both of us! We wanted to get all the nitty gritty stuff done the soonest.

We went to JB to source for a vendor to print our wedding invitations (designed and conceptualized by the both of us). Below is a sneak preview of my wedding invitation.



One BTB commented to print at the shop located at City Square Level 3 (I forgot who you are but thank you again)! We went there but it was a little too pricey/would be the same price if we get it printed in Singapore.

Then, we decided to head down to Larkin. We scoured the place but we could not find any shops that were selling any wedding invitation cards. I did not do any research on printing vendors in Larkin. I was already so exhausted as we tawaf so many times but luckily for the ever patient GTB who quickly tapped into a free wifi to search for printing services in Larkin. And true enough, 2 shops which we passed by many times do provide wedding invitations services –

  1. Joo Bee
  2. Thong Seng

Joo Bee was swarmed with makcik-makcik  and we could not get hold of any of the salesperson. We went to Thong Seng and it the shop was pretty empty.

Here’s the deal guys: You have to ask them.

They showed us a few albums of their wedding invitation designs but we told them that we have our own designs (GTB and I have separate invitations) and we wanted them to print. It was quite hard for me to get the message across as my malay is very rusty and their english is conversational english. So I kept telling myself to keep my sentences very basic and simple. At the end of what seemed like a 5 hours search, I finally chose the background/card to be printed on. My parents wanted 1000pax so technically it would be 500 invitation cards. But on the day that I went to JB, they told me to add 50 more cards. So 50 more it is (they couldn’t calculate it correctly as it was close to paying for 600 invitation cards)…… Paid my 50% deposit, and off we went back home (the GTB did not print his cards there because they quoted a hefty amount for 200cards and also because he had a lot of colours)!

Upon arriving back home, my mother commented that I should have just ordered 600 invitation cards instead of 550 since it was RM20 difference. I was a bit hesitant because that means more food and more money. But deep down, I know they were secretly jumping for joy because more people for them to invite!

At this point, I’m like whatever makes them happy…and less stress for me.

More updates in the next post!


11 thoughts on “82 days mark

    • Potential Bridezilla says:


      YES they do full customization 🙂 The consultation is totally free.

      But my advice to you is to come with designs in mind. You tell him what you want and the designs you wish to have. Then he will ask what kind of diamonds/gems you want and how many carats etc. As I’m not a diamonds kinda girl (my diamonds are like 0.003 and I’m putting the diamonds on the band), the hefty tag was on my blue topaz. Then he will calculate accordingly as to how many diamonds/gems you have on your ring. If you like what he quotes, you have to pay a deposit first before he starts to sketch. Usually, it will take less than 2 weeks for the sketch. Then you give your input and he will change accordingly. HOWEVER, if it’s a major change like totally 360degrees change in designing, you have to pay a bit more for him to redraw.

      All in all, my ring was less than 2k. If I remember correctly, there will be 3 price range according to the wedding band that you want (macam either you want gold band or diamond or rose gold etc). My range started from $1.2k to $2k if I’m not wrong :p The receipt is with my GTB! Hehe hope this helps!


      • halalsoon says:

        This helps a lot!!! So kirakan the quotation is based on what he thinks will be on my preferred design that I came with? And that’s a 50% deposit? But macam scary to pay an upfront of $1000-ish for a wedding ring idk I’d like hahaha :\


      • Potential Bridezilla says:

        Now that you mentioned it… I don’t think he have any charges for designing the ring (I know Fairy’s Inc charges us for designing). It will be based on the diamonds/gems you chose 🙂

        Oh and you can choose to pay how many % for deposit. It’s just that we like to pay 50%! Hahahahaha 😉


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