DIY Wedding: Overdue Updates

It has been a long time since my last post, and upon the insistence of the BTB, I begrudgingly write this post.

I’m kidding.

I’ve been wanting to update this blog for the longest time, but life got in the way. I must admit, that isn’t a good reason at all. The BTB has written more consistently, and with much greater detail than I ever could. Despite her busy schedule.

For more chronological updates, I suggest reading her posts.

Yet, despite the lack of updates on my side of the blog, I’ve been busy doing what I set out to do when we decided to get married. And that is to do as much DIY stuff as possible for my reception at Gurame.

Most weekends are reserved for various projects that I’ll explain in greater detail below, although sometimes my plans got cancelled due to other commitments like attending weddings. On one occasion, we were invited to 3 weddings in the same day!


Above is a snapshot of the stuff I’ve done (some with the help of the BTB), but it is by no means complete. There are still so many things to do, and whilst my panic button has yet to be activated, I am getting slightly nervous now that we’ve crossed the 200-day mark.

As you can probably see, I settled on a rustic theme with elements of wood and glass. I took a few months to fully commit to this theme as the WWW is a vast place with a limitless bounty of inspirations.

I gradually added other complementary elements like jute (which we made into pouches for bunga rampai), the colour gold, fake grass for the hantaran dulangs, glass and even lace.

The materials that I used were either recycled or purchased at a cheap price (Daiso, IKEA, and recently Aliexpress, are our favourite places to shop). The glass bottles were probably the first things we salvaged and kept even before I knew what concept I wanted. I just knew I wanted to use glass bottles somehow. Large jute bags that were used to carry coffee beans were donated by the BTB’s cousin who worked for a local roastery. And those familiar photo frames from IKEA were from the BTB’s sister’s wedding.


As you can see from the photos above, all the different materials that we salvaged are turned into thoughtful decorative pieces. The glass bottles are spray painted gold to mask the fact that they’re all different colours (most were clear, while others were either green or brown). The IKEA photo frames also sport the same shade of gold. The jute coffee bags were cut and inserted into A4 photo frames to create a base to place the bottles on. Together, the bottles and photo frames will form table centrepieces.


Then we have this thing above. This was probably the most time consuming project I embarked on. I hand carried two dozen mason jars on my flight back from USA some time in March. Unlike Singapore, these were readily available in almost every supermarket there and they cost much cheaper. Each jar cost me about $1.

Together with some jute strings donated by the BTB, I handmade holders for the jars that will eventually hold tea lights and suspended around the perimeter of the pelamin area. At the time of publishing, I would have only completed 10 jars. Each holder takes about an hour to do!!!


This post is by no means a clear or complete representation of the work I’ve done in the past few months. There are still so many things to do or re-do. Like the wedding card. Which deserves a post on its own. Then there are other things that I didn’t even tell the BTB…cos, gotta keep some element of surprise lah. 🙂

Anyway, if you take away anything from this post or if I can share advice about DIY-ing your wedding, the most important thing is to just do it. Even if you have enough time to do one thing, just do it. Even if you failed Art in secondary school, just do it. The longer you delay or second guess yourself, the more nothing gets done.

Oh, and recycle as much as possible. Don’t buy an entire craft store. That’s not the essence of DIY. Tu membazir nama nye. Look at everyday objects with a critical eye or just google/youtube “What can I do with clothes pegs?” and you’ll soon find yourself making things happen.

If you’ve read this far, comment below to tell the BTB I haven’t been lazy. Haha!


4 thoughts on “DIY Wedding: Overdue Updates

  1. crmlle says:

    I love this entry! I love it so much, I am going to use it to guilt trip my GTB every time he gets malas with wedding preps, hahahahaha.

    Anyways, well done with the DIY! We’ve also adopted some projects of our own though I suspect that if i were to try suggesting my GTB handmake holders for jars, he’d throw one at my head screaming “BILA MAU GAME!?” Good on you and it’s nice to see a GTB stepping up!


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