Bridal room (part 2)

Earlier this year, my Mum have been pestering me to buy the matrimonial bed. The GTB and I did not want to buy in such a hurry because –

1) We intend to bring the bed to our home when it’s ready in 2018 (so the later the better)
2) We wanted to build a platform bed for our master bedroom (see picture below)


(image taken from google but direct link can click here)

Since we’ll be building a platform bed or asking the Interior Designer/Contractor in the years to come, we thought that we should invest in a good mattress .

I did not do much research on this as it wasn’t a priority. Instead, I asked my sisters what mattress they bought when they got married and if they are still using it. My twin (who got married in 2013) bought King Koil.

So what a pleasant surprise when I chanced upon this sponsored page on Instagram back in June.


Prior to this event, we came across many roadshows selling mattresses and went to Big Box/Ikea/Courts to survey beds. Both of us thought that 3k as a budget was sufficient.

When we reached the roadshow, we immediately looked around for mattresses that attracted us. We came across 3 mattresses and spent a good 30mins deciding which one to get.

The criteria for the mattress should be –

1) anti bed-bug
2) have individual pocketed spring

Like I said, I did not do any research on this so I depended heavily on my Twin and her Husband’s King Koil’s bed. I was literally on the phone while the GTB entertained the saleswoman. Hahahahaha.

In the end, we finally came to a conclusion to get another mattress altogether.

This mattress was of course one of the top 2 that we wanted. It wasn’t anti bed-bug (not that it matter anyway unless we eat and drink on the bed and don’t have a good hygiene) BUT 5 stars hotels use them for their thermic mattress.

“Latest Technology – THERMIC™ contains millions of embedded cells in the fabric, which absorbs energy to cool off, & releases this energy as heat to warm you without altering your temperature. ”

Basically if we intend to install an air condition in our room or not, the mattress “…takes on a sleeper’s body heat and ensures the ideal sleeping temperature at all times, regardless of the ambient temperature.”

The GTB and I tested the bed by lying on it (we wanted to roll around but there was another couple on the other side of the bed), resting our bodies on the bedframe and pretending to do work to see which bedframes would be ideal for our spine.

The great thing about roadshows –

1) freebies
2) discounted prices

We bought the Queen size Thermic Elite King Koil for about $2k ($1k less than what was budgeted). We were given 2 free pillows (memory foam or something) and the bedframe we chose was FOC. We can even customized the bedframe (additional costs apply if it doesn’t fall into the FOC criteria).

Actually if you think about it, more or less the same. Ni nak sedapkan hati je. Hahahahahaha.

Unfortunately, they cannot deliver on the date I intended which was the end of Febuary 2017. The latest they can deliver would be end of year. But, I’ll try my luck and give them a call if they can deliver it next year. If not, nampaknye I will have to make space and clear the junk in my room asap.

p/s: I’ve also heard of Tilam King (a local brand) and was intending to purchase the mattress there if not for the roadshow in August. Pretty affordable and reliable 🙂


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