Bridal room (part 1)

Earlier this year, I had a heated conversation with my mum about the bridal room. I know that the Bridal room is important. But to me, it’s not as important as the wedding preparations itself (since that’s where the whole chunk of money is going).

Mum, “Nanti kawan-kawan kau and your makcik-makcik will come and see your room. Abih takkan kau taknak bilik kau cantik?

I understand her rationale behind this that my friends and my aunts will come and take a look but honestly, I don’t give two hoots about what they have to say. I mean, of course I would have the basic necessities like the bed/side tables/cupboards and all that jazz. But what she’s asking me is to fork out hundreds of dollars for a brand new curtain when we were casually walking in Geylang. It doesn’t help that my Aunt was there and I was pressurised into buying. Of course I did not.

Like any BTBs, I have a vision of what I want my wedding and bridal room to look like. But I’m not going to spend hundreds on curtains just for the wedding.

Mum, “Ni curtain kau boleh pakai sampai kau pindah.”

But……………… To spend hundreds on curtains? Hell no. Maybe in a few years’ time when I’ve reached that level of motherhood, I will see the rationale behind this. But at the moment, the hundreds of dollars would be better someplace else.

On another note, I do know there’s vendors who do Bridal room services. I was inspired and created my mood board according to the services that they had rendered.

All pictures courtesy from Ribbon & Ties (my source of inspiration)!

You guys… These services are costly!

1) They look nice (especially for photography)
2) Your makcik-makcik and friends would be so proud of you
3) You save the hassle of getting individual stuff for your bridal room and let the professionals do their job

1) You have to return all the décor and beautiful things back to your vendor

Looking back, perhaps I should have gotten the curtains at Geylang. LOL.

But nope, I believe I can DIY the bridal room myself. Besides, I will have full control of what I want and own all the things I bought.

That being said, I bought this beautiful lace curtain from Ikea a few months back.


Of course it won’t be as fancy as my mood board since I’m not having the drapes. Anyhow, I bought 2 of those and showed my mum. She was appalled because she said I could have better looking curtains.

Mum, “It’s so sheer!!!”

Aik. Aku yang tido kat dalam bilik ni, die pulak risau!” Hahahahahaha.

I bought a few fairy lights from Ikea as well for the room. Hopefully my vision will come true.

p/s: Salam Aidiladha, to all of you 🙂


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