200 days mark

Yikes, you guys!

We have reached the 200 days mark.

How is that even possible?!

I recently downloaded the countdown app because I feel that I need a motivation for me to hustle for the wedding prep whenever I look at my phone. It doesn’t help at all when I’ve been so busy with filming since June. I keep telling myself that, “All is well. If not, all will be well”. What else is there for me?

Bridal? Checked (Nawwarah Bridal).

Henna? Checked (SyraSkins).

Photography? Checked (The Fotorika).

Music/entertainment? Checked (Orkes Mutiara).

Kompang? Checked (Syabab).

Bridal bouquet? Checked (Decided that I will let Nawwarah and Fleurs By Spolecznyย do their thang since my bridal and the latter are doing a tie-up).

Cake? Checked (My baker reserved the date for me although she have yet to ask for deposit… So until then I will have to keep it on the low lest, another BTB snatched her ๐Ÿ˜ฆ )

Catering/Decor? Checked (I didn’t dwelve into this because my parents are sponsoring the food since 70% of the guests will be from their side. Moreover, Senik’s Event & Cuisineย is my Aunt’s relative and we have used her services for my sisters’ weddings. I’m still contemplating if I should find another vendor for decor because I have yet to meet Kak Ira to tell her my vision for my wedding. This plays such a HUGE role because I need to finalize the look for the groomsmen & bridesmaids clothes. Bridezilla moment. But urgh… Most of the vendors that I love are all over my budget *cries*).

Door gifts/berkat? Checked (Again, I didn’t go into details as my parents are sponsoring the berkats. I told them that I would like the door gifts to be cohesive with the vision I have for the wedding but they want something practical like mugs…. #ok #youwin #bridezilla).

Bunga rampai holders? Checked (DIY).

Invitation card? Checked (DIY and what’s left is printing).

Hantaran gifts trays? Checked (DIY).

Hantaran gifts? Buying them in the next few months.

Bridal shoes? Buying them in Dec.

Am I doing okay? I would like to think so…………

But I do however, in need of finalizing a few things –

1) Bunga Pahar
2) Bunga Manggar
3) Sireh Dara/Junjung
4) Bridesmaids & groomsmen attire
5) Decor
6) Pre-wed photoshoot (dress/makeup/venue)
7) Booking of venue (which will open in a couple of days time)

My Matron of Honor has kindly voluntereed to DIY the Sireh Dara/Junjung for me but I’m still contemplating if I should get it professionally done. But we shall see…



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