Life as we know it

Wow. When was the last time I had a moment to myself and write? Not in the last few months, I’m sure.

I’ve been so tied up with work that it drained the energy out of me.

I had to go to Taiwan for a location recce back in May for a couple of days (straightaway after 2 weeks of shoot). And then resumed back for filming duties… The next thing I knew, it was June and I had to go back to Taiwan on the 2nd week of Ramadhan for filming. I was there for more than a week and masyaallah, the weather was harsher than Singapore 😦

Back on the wedding preparations, it’s kinda a lull period for both the GTB and I considering that the both of us had already booked major vendors. Once my cake vendor finally opens her booking in August, I will fill in the details πŸ™‚ Other than that, there’s nothing to update except that both GTB and I (or more like the GTB) will be designing our own invitation cards and little cards for the wedding trays.

It’s almost complete…just need to QC the card to my parents (they alwayssssss have the final say lah kan.

BTBs, do anyone of you have contacts/know of a reasonable price/printing shops to print the wedding cards and miscellaneous stuff? Please kindly share with me πŸ™‚

p/s: I did however, find time to watch Game of Thrones on first week of Hari Raya. And like all my other American TV shows, I binged and…within 3 weeks, finished all the seasons. My heart is so empty now 😦


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