As of yesterday, we are left with 10 months to the wedding.

Both the GTB and I have been super busy with work. Whenever we talk, it will always be about work. It’s good and bad, I guess.

Anyhow, it has been an insane 2 months. Especially so for me as I have 2 weeks of pre-production and back to filming for 2 weeks. I had a mental breakdown a week ago as I was so consumed with work and what was expected for me. But alhamdullilah, I believe that with hardship, comes ease (94:6).

On to the wedding preparations, I have booked my henna session with none other than SyraSkins. Other than that, every weekend was a wedding weekend or baby showers or cukur rambut….. I feel so old whenever people asks me what’s my weekend plans are. HAHA.

I’m turning a year older in less than a month’s time and I don’t know about you but I feel that as I’m slowly reaching the big 3 (I have a couple of years left), I feel the need to reconnect with some of my friends I lost along the way. I have always been a social butterfly and I have many circle of friends. It saddens me that as we grow up, our circle of friends become smaller 😦

The GTB told me that I might care for someone so much but that person might not feel the same for me. The point is that, he said they should not feel obligated to care just because I do. Hais. Maybe it’s just me lah…. I always think too much and make other people problems my problem.

Sorry for the incoherent post but this girl needs to know what you think.

Until then 🙂



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