Kepak bing bing

When the GTB and I decided to get married, we were dead sure to make it as simple as possible (solemnization and the Mosque followed by a small reception). When the plan failed even for a ROMM reception, we had to rethink about our budget – this does not come with kompang.

The idea for a 15-30 minutes of kompang entertainment doesn’t justify the amount we have to fork out (same goes to applying henna). Moreover, as Malays, we have adat and the adat during the wedding procession is to hadang (more money to give to the ‘gatekeepers’). The GTB and I came to our consensus not to have kompang which then won’t have hadang on my side.

Late last year, the GTB’s mother lamented that if he (the GTB) comes to fetch me w/o the kompang entourage, the GTB will look lonely. Granted, it won’t be a ‘Malay Wedding’ if we omit the kompang but we are just trying to save money as much as we can! On my end, my parents were okay with it if the GTB’s parents were okay. But dah kena sound macam gitu and since the GTB’s mother decided to sponsor then might as well kan?

Both the GTB and I are from a dikir background (TP and NP respectively), and it goes without saying that I would want the kompang entourage to be from the same background.


Panjy is under MYY2U Entertainment (check them out here). I have seen and heard them first hand during many of my friends’ wedding and they were so amazing. I even recorded their Hasbi Rabbi on my iphone! When we were ‘told’ that we had to have a kompang entourage, of course it has to be Panjy. No one else but Panjy. Being the potential Bridezilla that I am, I actually enquired in January last year (as I have mutual friends in Panjy) about their rates. It was about $700+ for one way 😦

But since I was dead set to have Panjy for our wedding, I kept reminding the GTB to enquire and place a deposit with them soon. He finally enquired in late February (4 months later). Of course…………………………they were booked on that day! I was furious okay! More like disappointed rather than angry. But it dawned on me that it is not my rezeki and perhaps, there’s a better one out there?


Moving on, I did a quick enquire with Makyong Kedek.


They are available on my date but it comes with a hefty price tag – $800 (one way with no dikir performance). *GULPS*


I have never heard of Akrab Kompang until I began researching and reading BTBs blogs. Correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think they are from any dikir groups. Anyhow, they are a funky entourage and I love their getup! Unfortunately, they are already booked on my wedding date. The person that I was talking to was so nice to recommend me a few kompang groups (and one being Panjy).


Then there’s Syabab which I’ve never heard of until I began my wedding planning journey. Similar to Akrab (no dikir background), they have a very dorky getup (songkok, white short-sleeved shirt and suspenders)! I watched them on youtube and I have a feeling that this is the style that the GTB approves (and I was right)! Syabab is available on our wedding date and quoted us $750+ for one way.

Apart from all these above, we also enquired 


Andika Prak Bing Bing is from a dikir background but unfortunately, they are booked on my wedding date.


Kompang Al-Falah might be from a madrasah (didn’t research on them but managed to watch their videos on youtube). They are available on our wedding date and quoted us $600+ for one way.



Similar to Al-Falah, Ar-Rufaqaa’ may be from madrasah. They are also available on our date and quoted us $550+ for one way.

So what does that leave us with since Panjy was not available –

  1. Makyong Kedek (MYK)
  2. Syabab
  3. Al-Falah
  4. Ar-Rufaqaa’

Our initial budget was $600 for kompang services but since we’re in 2016, such kompang rates are non-existent (sure some kompang services do have standard rates such as Kompang Hut but we thought that since we are forking out the money, might as well get the one we wanted). Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances the GTB and I are forking out the money for kompang services instead of the GTB’s mum. Oh wells…

That being said… I was torn between Syabab and Al-Falah.

Syabab – for their getup and according to the GTB, the ‘dubstep’ sound once in a while. I listened to their youtube videos and I can’t seem to track the ‘dubstep’ sound!

Al-Falah – for their melodious voices and the way they sing the Hasbi Rabbi.

So who did we pick in the end?

It has to be Syabab since the GTB really likes them.

Tak dapat Panjy takpelah…Syabab it is 🙂


7 thoughts on “Kepak bing bing

  1. thelastrosepetal says:

    I took Panjy initially coz Andika wasn’t available on my date. Took a while trawling through different kompang performances. I liked Panjy’s hasbi rabbi (that was my main criteria in picking a kompang grp). Then i changed date and Andika was available! So I switched to Andika. I wanted Andika ever since I saw them performed at a good friend’s wedding. #dabescitesaya lol


    • Potential Bridezilla says:

      SOOO LUCKY TO HAVE PANJY 😥 Panjy’s hasbi rabbi is soooo soooo sooo amazing kan? I played the music on my phone whenever I’m feeling restless. Andika is good too but too bad for me….both Panjy and Andika are fully booked 😦


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