What makes a good marriage

“It is not a lack of love, but a lack of friendship that makes unhappy marriages.”

A few years ago when my Twin got married, I had to watch her go through many youtube videos/tutorials on how to wear the hijab. I remember our conversation clearly.

Me: Kau buat ape ni asik tengok hijab tutorials?
Twin: I’m going for the pre-marriage courselah and I have to cover up.

Back then, I didn’t want to know about preparations for wedding or be in the kakak-kakak kahwin (KKK) network. As a matter of fact, my Twin was never in the KKK network because she was a very simple and fuss-free bride (for the record, she went to Expo and booked the first bridal that she enquired and fell in love). But look who’s in the BTB community now, eh? 😉

When I asked her if it was compulsory, she said yes – to both pre-marriage course and hijab. So imagined my horror when I had to envision myself wearing the hijab (of course, I have worn them when I was a lot younger and went for religious classes)! Being a non-hijab person, I was not comfortable about wearing the hijab as I have chubby cheeks. Simply said, I feel that I look round when I wear the hijab. But times have change and I’m so glad for instant types of hijab that I currently wear for Sunday’s classes 🙂 Alhamdullilah!

Back to the present day – pre-marriage course and all. When I was planning my future with the GTB, I was so adamant on not going for the course and said that it will be a waste of money and time even though it is compulsory. I told him to risk it and hope that the Tok Kadi won’t ask for the certificate.

Good news is that currently pre-marriage course is NOT COMPULSORY (w.e.f 2014 I think). I was glad because $150/person goes a long way in the long run.

How things have changed, right?

We realized in the midst of researching about vendors and the pre-marriage course that:

  1. A pre-marriage course is like an enrichment classes. It may benefit us in the future.
  2. Some pre-marriage courses do not have a dress code and the woman/BTB do not have to wear a hijab but have to be properly dressed.

Yay to me!

So end 2015 and early 2016, we began our search for a good pre-marriage course. I’ve always heard of APKIM and Cinta Abadi but I want to see the reviews myself.

Basically APKIM and Cinta Abadi falls under the same company – APKIM. The difference is that they provide 1 day personalized marriage course (APKIM) and 2 days workshop (Cinta Abadi). The latter is a lot cheaper by $40 (inclusive lunch and tea breaks). Then there’s Kasih Sejati which is owned by SuChi Success and conduct their course for 2 days, Sapphire PearlBDMI who’s course is for $240/couple.

The GTB and I wanted something value for money and does not consume us for the whole weekend so APKIM was the better choice for us. I also hate group workshops with people I don’t know. I think the older I get, the lesser of a social butterfly I am. #firstworldproblems

We registered for the course to be conducted in August (booked it in January before our lull period). So here’s hoping that the $300 course will be worth it and help us in the future, insyaallah.

Oh, APKIM requests for the women to be fully covered. No problem for me as long there’s instant hijab to save this round face 🙂


5 thoughts on “What makes a good marriage

  1. Musrifah says:

    I went for the one day pre-marriage course at APKIM. It was good! In fact, better than I thought could be. Because its 1 trainer-to-1 couple during the first half of the day, we managed to learn meaningful things about each other.

    In shaa Allah you will enjoy yours too! 🙂


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