Petal talk

“Roses may say “I love you,” but the cactus says “Fuck off.”

I don’t know when and I don’t know how I fell in love with cactus. I used to love roses, black roses particularly but I became tired of these dainty roses or any flowers that need so much care! I chanced upon a shop in Bangkok whilst traveling a few years ago that sell beautiful cacti and they say the rest is history.

When I started working, I had a collection of cacti and put it in my office. They didn’t last long. To this day, I am still wondering why they died. Perhaps, there was no sun. Not long after, I discovered another kind of plants while working on Okto Live! Season 5.

Aren’t these terrariums such a beauty and best of all, they don’t need so much care. I was wrong. They died not long after! Hahahaha #fail

After my terrarium died, the GTB gifted me another kind of plant in a terrarium – moss.

Water them once every 2 weeks. Easy peasy. Because I have learned from my lesson, this time my precious terrarium sits on my vanity table 🙂 You can check these beautiful terrarium here (not sponsored LOL)!

Back to present day – wedding planning and all. My undying love for cactus is still as strong as ever. So since I (say so myself) am an unconventional bride, I would love to have cactus for my bridal bouquet 🙂

Isn’t it so different and unique? It is equally gorgeous and does not overpower the dress. Furthermore, if I have a photoshoot with my Bridesmaids (if any), good luck to the lucky one! 😉

On a serious note, I don’t think there are any Singaporean florists/vendors that have done the above mentioned type of wedding bouquet. If any BTBs know of one, please comment below and I would love to check out their portfolio!

But like all vendors, I do have a budget for wedding bouquet. They should not exceed more than $180 (that includes you cacti). Reason being, they will eventually die a few days after the wedding reception and I doubt I will keep it. Then why not have satin brooch bouquet, right? In my personal opinion, I don’t like the overall look of the bouquet. I am team #freshflowers.

My plan B would be, fresh flowers. Presenting to you my ideal wedding bouquet:

Unfortunately, I have yet to ask their quotations (except for 1 vendor) but I am hoping that it will be less than $200 😦

The 1 vendor that I have enquired (not naming them), have such a good pair of eyes for flower arrangement! They recently had a promotion and it was seriously too good to be true. I was this close to choosing them but decided against because I thought I could get a better deal. Their standard bouquet was for 2 types of flowers and one fillers. Any additional requests will be subjected to additional charges. There’s always a catch to everything, eh? Anyway, they posted a few pictures of their standard bouquet and it wasn’t to my liking 😦 (p/s: So since I dropped a ‘rejected’ reply to them, I also enquired about the customized bridesmaids packages but……… It’s been a month and I guess they don’t see a need to reply to me since I’ve rejected them. Very polite, yes.)

On another hand, Nawwarah Bridal have partnered up with an upcoming floral designer, fleursbyspoleczny. They have a special price for BTBs who have signed up with Nawwarah for less than what I budgeted for! Best thing is – types of flowers are flexible with no additional charges!

I guess…I have unknowingly made a decision? 😉


6 thoughts on “Petal talk

  1. Eh & Zed says:

    Ish i think i know who your rejected florist is. Hahaha, i booked them for my day also. But when comes to emailing them yaaaaa ampun. Stress lol. So idk eh, a little afraid they might mixed up my date cos we changed our date. hahaha.


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