To henna or not to henna

“Mehndi is the local variant of henna designs in India and neighboring … Mehndi in Indian tradition is typically applied during special Hindu weddings and Hindu…”

Unless you have an Indian blood and this is their tradition, this is not a must for Malays. However, I do agree that it makes the bride more gorgeous and adds the ‘oomph’ factor.

When I was a lot younger, I used to have henna drawn by my second sister on my hands for special occasions. When I was in Poly, I even made a point to head down to Geylang a few days before Raya to get it done. Just like how music adds life to your event, henna adds the whole bridal look. Until…

Until a few years ago when I realized that the inflation in the wedding industry is craaaaazyyyyy. It goes without saying that every year, prices in Singapore will keep increasing but for certain vendors, I don’t understand how they justify their prices. That’s when I realized that I don’t want a fancy wedding even if it’s once in a lifetime. The idea to have a small and intimate reception with close friends and relatives soon became a vision for me. But…we all know what happenedlah. That idea can’t be a reality because of the saying, “Malays have adat“.


A Bridal Henna package can start from $180 and above – depends on the intricacy of the designs. This was what sets me off. When I started my wedding planning in 2014, I told my mum that I don’t want to spend that amount on an ‘accessory’ that is not a Sunnah. I rather use that money for pre-marriage course. I also don’t like to tell people that we just got married. Of course I will be proud to have a husband but I don’t think I need the world to know by just looking at the stains on my hands (especially if I have the dark stains around my finger)? Of course my idea was objected.

I tried to fall in love again, I really did.

Until a photo posted by Scha appeared on my explore page in 2015.


I was sold! It is so beautiful and unique. No dreadful red stains around the fingers! I have fallen in love with another type of henna – white henna.

So I did my researched to see if there’s any Singaporean henna artists that does this. Of course there is. The one and only, SyraSkins.

White henna is not henna as there is no henna ingredients and <b>does not stain the skin</b>. The method of applying it and the designs are just like henna. Thus the name ‘white henna’. What’s not to love, here? 🙂 The only problem is that, SyraSkins are rendering all their services at their studio. It will be a very difficult situation once I have reached the discussion of pantang/’darah manis’ issue next year 😦

I was then wondering if I really should not bother at all. It’s either all or nothing. Besides, I still have about a year left to decide, right?

Just when I was about to throw the henna issue out of the window, an idea came up. What if, I go with the norm – henna stains and all. BUT, I want the designs to be simple with no stains around my fingers. And I was wondering if there are any Brides out there who did it and did it make the photos look weird.

Lo and behold, the power of social media.



This is just simply stunning! The red stains doesn’t have to be around the finger but just on the fingernails. Too beautiful.


This time, no stains around the finger yet it doesn’t look weird. My prayers have been answered 🙂


Simple floral design which I love but I would do it without the henna around my fingers.

Now the question is, to stain or not to stain?


8 thoughts on “To henna or not to henna

  1. hakzsya says:

    I did the #whitehenna by Syra herself for the fiance’s Cousin wedding and it got many raves! Though yes it didn’t last cause you can peel it off but she did it so cantik!! Hahaha


  2. KTYJH R says:

    Same!! I cannot decide if I should go ahead with it or not (considering it is still a sum of money) and that I’m not even sure if I’d like the whole idea of henna on my hands hahahaha white henna so nice!!! I might go with that! (but the price shld be the same as normal one which is …. meh :/)


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