365+ days to go

Don’t you feel that the days go by so quickly? I mean…ever since I turned 21 many years ago, the time seems to whiz by so fast. When people ask me how old am I, it will take me a few minutes to find the answer. YIKES.

Now that we are reaching a year’s mark to our wedding, the GTB and I are at our lull period for the past 2 months since we have settled major vendors.

Confirmed Vendors

  • Bridal -> Nawwarah Bridal
  • Photography -> The Fotorika
  • Musicians/Entertainment -> Orkes Mutiara
  • Reception & catering (GTB’s side) -> Gurame Indonesian Restaurant
    • Decor -> not using Gurame’s in-house dias as the GTB will build his own  🙂
  • Bunga rampai holders -> DIY

My bunga rampai holders are a courtesy from my Twin when she went to Bangkok 2 years ago. It will be in a form of small bucket.


The GTB’s bunga rampai holders were our first DIY project which we started in February (more deeds about this soon). It is in a form of a burlap bag!


Pending Vendors

  • Berkats (door gifts) for both sides
  • Wedding cake(s) for both sides
  • Catering (my side)
  • Decor (my side)
  • Kompang
  • Bridal bouquet (quick entry on this one soon)
  • Henna (quick entry on this one soon)
  • Hantaran/gubahan trays (wedding gift trays)
    • We are most likely to DIY this as well.
    • I’m happy that both the GTB and I are lovers of DIY. Not only it helps us to save cost but also gives us 100% creative control.
    • The only cons that I can think of is – storage area for the wedding trays post wedding. We probably should sell/rent it, eh? 😉
  • Wedding cards and other misc. designs
    • I’m making the GTB design my wedding card as well since he is the master of photoshop. I’m a complete noob at designing.
    • I did a quick research on this as well. It is actually much cheaper to print the stickers/cards/signboard yourself. But if you are hiring a vendor to do this, you are paying for their creativity and logistics to get it printed.

I will probably add more to the timeline but hopefully I am not missing any vendors.

Slightly freaking out as we are nearing the 1 year mark!


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