Music matters

Music definitely adds life to your reception, don’t you think?

From the get-go, my parents have always loved lagu-lagu asli played by Malay traditional bands at wedding events. Such examples are Orkes MutiaraSri MahligaiAlto AuraSri Gemilang etc. Especially so, since my Twin got married in 2013 and she had Orkes Mutiara for her wedding.

Our family is not the kind to karaoke although I do recall we used to karaoke with family and friends when I was still in Kindergarten. But times have changed, definitely. Honestly, I don’t like entertainments that’s memekak or your makcik/pakcik syiok sendiri and sing out of tune during your reception (a.k.a DJ/Entertainment vendors that have lame jokes/riddles in their itinerary). Unless your family/relatives come from a singing background and can sing, good for you. No offence to any BTBs or Brides who have taken such vendors because to each his own. Some BTBs/Brides want their family and relatives to enjoy and be entertained with such theatrical acts, that’s entirely up to you. But I don’t roll with it.

I would like my reception/ideal wedding to be easy on the eyes and ears. So, traditional bands are up at my alley. Don’t you think it’s kind of regal to have a traditional band playing at your wedding? *pats self on the back* (p/s: I actually insisted on playing my own mixtape consists of my favourite songs but that plan failed obviously)

Traditional bands do come with a hefty price tag. Of course lah… In their defense, their band is more than 5 people, they have equipment and instruments to lug, they need to dress as a band etc. (p/s: One of the reasons why I wanted my own mixtape to be played during my wedding day because it’s definitely cheaper to rent a sound system)

Like any other vendors every year, they increase their prices. My heart breaks when I got to know the amount difference when my Twin booked Orkes Mutiara in 2013 and when I inquired in 2015. But…Ape nak buat when your parents already set their heart and mind on them 😦 I didn’t bother asking the rest because Orkes Mutiara has to be it.

Besides the fact that Hafiz (in charge of Orkes Mutiara) was a distant cousin from my paternal side, I got to know him first through a theater show that I did in 2010. Although we are blood related, there was no discount given because – everyone is fair and square 🙂 However, he did advice me against taking an additional hour ($xxx/additional hour). Reason being, the first hour will be played via a CD.

I love love love vendors who are straightforward and truthful because diorang tak kisah profit. Shouldn’t vendors have this as their mantra? 😉

Anyhow… I deposited 10% of the total amount on 25th December 2015.

With that said, 4th vendor secured! #onaroll


7 thoughts on “Music matters

    • Potential Bridezilla says:

      Hi babe! Why didn’t I realize that I am not following you? :p

      Anyway was reading the posts you made and I think we are kinda on the same boat. Most of the vendors I booked was also late last year and I don’t know what else to do since we are now at a lull period so it’s good to see a fellow 2017 bride 🙂

      AND YES! Traditional bands are soooo soothing to the ears and memang diorang mahal and honestly, more than what I budgeted for but since my parents are paying for the catering (cos they want to have a say in x no. of invites), then…compromise a bit lah :p


  1. xschmellycatsx says:

    Traditional live band is still the best! I got Sri Mahligai for mine and everyone loved them. Esp my families, they just sit around the band and enjoy the music. Can be sure there wont be any unnecessary out-of-tuned singing too 🙂


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