Life’s a beach

Some of you may not know this but the GTB and I got engaged on 31st August 2014. It was a small and private affair. None of my friends (except for 1 because she had to bake a cake for me) knew about this. They were only notified when I posted the ring on my ring finger on Instagram 🙂

Anyhow, since we got engaged in 2014… We have not been doing much apart from asking vendors for their packages in early 2015. This is for us to know the market rate and how much they have hiked up their prices. Unfortunately, some of them did not have any packages available for 2017. Because of the hoo-ha about wedding dates/reception issues (recap here), we only started booking in late November 2015. As compared to our friends (who are all getting married after us, we are the most lepak couple as we have yet to book anything.

Nontheless, we made our first booking on 25th November 2015 – The Fotorika (photographer). The week after, we made our 2nd booking on 30th November 2015 – Nawwarah Bridal (bridal).

We were basically on a roll lah

Moving on, the GTB have yet to finalize his venue for his reception. Since he is staying in Punggol (and I’m in Jurong), there is no way for us to do a 1 day reception (nikah and sanding in one day). As much as I hate to do it, we had to do our solemnization on 25th March 2017, Saturday. The reason being was that, so we won’t have to rush for outfit change on Sunday. I was against this idea because I wanted our wedding date to be on 26th March. Nothing significant on that date apart from my older sister’s birthday but I thought it would be a better date to remember. LOL.

Anyway, doing an extra day/2 full days means we need to fork out more money (extend bridal/photography hours etc).

The only solution I thought would be viable for us to do it within a day would be if one of us have a dinner reception.

Then the GTB had an idea to do his reception at Gurame.

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Sidetrack a bit… When I was a kid and didn’t know about wedding logistics & how much money will be involved, I have always imagined my wedding to be by the beach or an area where there’s plenty of wind and natural breeze. As an adult and currently planning my own wedding, I just want it to be chop chop chili chop chop. Do what’s necessary and avoid additional costs if possible (example: ROMM). BUT that plan failed because we are Malays and Malays have adat.

Back to Gurame… Isn’t the location perfect? It’s like my “dream wedding venue” came true! Sea breeze, checked. Outdoor area, checked. Indoor and air-conditioned area, checked. In-house catering, checked. In-house decor, checked. This is basically an all-in-one wedding package!

Since this is the GTB’s reception, he has to handle all the admin stuff himself – researching, getting quotations, booking for appointments. While we wait to set an appointment with Keith (manager of Gurame), the GTB wanted our wedding date to change to Saturday because who would want to come to an evening reception on a Sunday when Monday is a working day, right? Good point.

More deeds about Gurame:
1) They have 2 timings for your reception (1100hrs to 1500hrs or 1600hrs to 2000hrs)
2) You can choose to have either timings or whole day (just pay accordingly)
3) They provide shuttle bus from Tanah Merah MRT to Gurame FOC
4) You can choose not to have their decor and they will deduct from the package accordingly
5) Their package includes printing of cards (and maps) as well but you can choose not to have their design and they will deduct accordingly

As we were in the midst of booking our photography and bridal vendors, we told the respective vendors that our date would tentatively be on the 25th. On the day that we went down to Nawwarah Bridal to place our deposit, the GTB finally managed to get Keith on the line.

Good news: They are available on 26th, Sunday.
Bad news: They are not available on 25th, Saturday as there will be another wedding on that day (Which couple is getting married on this day? Hats off to you for booking it way ahead 😦 #malayweddingratrace)

Anyway, not our rezeki kan but the GTB already set his heart on Gurame. So, we patah balik and set our date to the original date – 26th. Luckily, I have pre-empt our confirmed vendors that we might change our date and they were thankfully okay with it 🙂

Like I mentioned, since we were on a roll… We decided to meet Keith on the 8th of December together with the GTB’s father.

Our session lasted about an hour with us confirming the package and the nitty gritty information needed for us to know towards our wedding in 2017.

We’re back on track, you guys!


4 thoughts on “Life’s a beach

  1. hakzsya says:

    About the dates, I’ve always love the no 26th but we settled for 27th hahaha for nikah and sanding on 28th! Tbh I also love the whole one day event too cause save so much and fuss free but the Fiance say his family cannot do all in one day, they all like to take their own sweet time and all haiyaaaa! So My nikah is on a Friday night and sanding the whole day on a Saturday! I am Super excited for you that you are doing it at a dream place you always envision, such a pretty place indeed and may everything goes as planned! (;


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