Say YES to the dress – Part 2

If you guys know me personally… I am REALLY INDECISIVE. One of the traits of a Gemini. Haha but honestly, if you ask me to choose… It will take a while for me to give decisions.

If you have not read Part 1, read here.

Carrying on from Part 1’s post, I have shortlisted my Bridal vendors. I chose them based on the criteria that they should –

1) fit my budget of no more than $3k (not inclusive of extra hours or duit kipas)
2) eyebrow game should be strong
3) able to customized/strong outfits selection

As I have shortlisted my 6 Bridals, I also did a follow up with all of them with a bonus question (in my efforts at saving cost for the wedding):

Question: If the GTB decides to tailor his own suit, will we get a reimbursement (example: $200 off the chosen package)

Answer: All except Nawwarah and Signature said NO.

Reason for this: The GTB doesn’t like the standard silver/grey suit that the Bridals have to offer. I have to agree that it does look tacky (no offence to anyone of you but simply our preferences). Since I am paying for Bridal, I do want the GTB to have a say in this matter because afterall – It is our wedding. Of course we can afford to tailor his own suit, but I believe that Bridals should also look into making the GTBs look good as much as the Bride (meaning more designs for the evening wear).

So since this post is about our journey towards our decision making (p/s: Doing a disclaimer here – Everyone, regardless BTBs or GTBs, we are all treated differently), the rejected Bridals will not be named.

In no particular order, rejected Bridal #1

I was so set on this Bridal #1 because they fit my budget perfectly and their eyebrow game is just ahmaaazing (although I was a bit perplexed when she asked me about our sizes before giving us her packages).

Having said that, I was still waiting for this particular Bridal to open her 2017 bookings but I thought my heart was set. I was telling myself, “This Bridal is similar to the one that I wanted. Nevermind that the collection is minimal. I still have about 1 1/2 years to go.” The GTB agreed with my decision and said if my heart already desired for her touch, then go for it.

Until…I met my good friend who was getting married in October 2015. This meet-up was purely coincidental (another reason why I think God might have given me some insights of certain Bridals). She wanted to discuss with me her wedding plans and wanted me as her wedding planner/floor manager/bridesmaid (more like sai kang! Hahaha but I can’t complain because apparently I was told that I’m good at timings LOL – again, sort of a job hazard). Cut the story short, she asked me about my Bridal. When I told her that I was set on #1, she looked at her now-Husband. Obviously something isn’t right, right?Apparently, that was her Bridal as well but shit went down so bad that she had to switch Bridal at the last minute. Do keep in mind that it was September when I met her.

What happened then?

  1. The MUA told her that she must customized all her outfits since she was ‘plus sized’ (You guys…she was NOT EVEN plus sized. She was shorter than me – she might be 1.5m ish but she definitely have boobs and curves).
  2. She paid a total amount of $4xxx for all her outfits (and GTB) to be customized and designed by her.
  3. A month prior to the wedding, she checked with the MUA if her outfits were ready for fitting. The MUA said no because there were some miscommunication between her and the tailor.
  4. A few days later, she got to know that her designs (or rather, outfits) were shown at a showcase for Brides & Grooms-to-be.
  5. To prevent any miscommunication, she checked with the MUA whether that outfits were hers and the MUA did not reply. Her now-Husband stepped in and simply put it, asked for their deposits back because she breached their trust.

Super shady please (I don’t think shady is even the correct word to describe). This is why I can’t tahan when people say that we don’t support our own race. It’s not about NOT supporting. How to support when you hear/read reviews about these? 😦 I looked at my GTB and seriously, I was shattered.

Rejected Bridal #2

Before I got engaged, I was so sure I wanted this particular Bridal. So did my friend, A. If you ask me, I DO NOT MIND if we have the same Bridal or even other vendors. I mean, sharing is caring no? Not everyone will look the same. Not everyone can fit into the same outfit.

But A was like…“But if kau choose that Bridal, I won’t“.

I told her simply that if it’s her rezeki, then go for it. I might not choose it since I have other options now.

Cut the story short, she did book it way before me. (p/s: Mai kanchiong…….. Her wedding date is later than me ok! Check check 2016 now, my date is still available! Hahahahaha).

Then why didn’t I book #2?

I guess whatever rocks your boat, my friend. Also, a light at the end of the tunnel was awaiting for me (aka my chosen Bridal).

Rejected Bridal #3

This was by far the most -ve reviews I have heard.

First of all, I know they know that everybody knows that they are sought-after. They are good. In fact, their eyebrow game are very strong and their collections are TO DIE FOR (reason why this post/series is called – Say YES to the Dress).

After receiving their 2017 price packages, they have increased about $200+/-. Nonetheless, they were still within my budget. Even with the mixed reviews each BTBs/couples received, I desired for this Bridal. Like…they were calling out for me.

At this point (end November), I was writing back and forth with this Bridal and my chosen Bridal. But Allah is great for He surely knows best, there was really a light at the end of my tunnel that made me –

  • recalculated my budget
    • if I were to customized/choose a higher range of outfits, it will be almost equivalent if not, more than Fatimah Mohsin (which I was ok with it……..I think)
    • if I were to choose a particular MUA, I need to fork out more (I understand some Bridals are doing this for some of their sought-after MUAs)
    • they do not reimburse back $$$ if I were to tailor the GTB suit
  • delay my appointment (they were not open for bookings yet despite knowing A LOT of couples want them. However, the admin said there might be an open house in Dec for bookings and they don’t do soft bookings). Her reply was fast and did not beat around the bushes.
  • read more BTBs blog
    • I know of some BTBs who had similar experiences did not disclose the Bridal company for fear of backlash
    • I researched and literally went high and low looking for reviews (and I know some of us who do not want to be found will put a ‘.’ or a ‘/’ on their company names.
  • ask around
    • prior to this, I already heard quite a number of -ve reviews about this Bridal. Again, different couples have different experiences/treated differently.
    • The GTB’s bestfriend took this Bridal, the GTB’s bestfriend’s sister also took the same Bridal. I attended the GTB bestfriend’s reception and the MUA was normal (unlike the reviews I heard). Maybe because both of them are steward/stewardess? LOL. NO IDEA. So I was confused, really.
    • My friend who got married in August told me that her friend (who was also a stewardess), took this Bridal but she had to change Bridal at the last minute because……. Apparently, there was some nasty exchanges between the MUA and the BTB. NO ONE should ever say to someone that they are ugly or make their outfits ugly. Why would anyone demoralize people like that? I just can’t.
    • The same friend above also told me about 2 of her friends who took this Bridal but changed prior to their wedding date because of some reasons I will not say here. Both of them ended up taking Putih Bridal (which has AHMAAAAAZING OUTFITS AND THEIR MAKEUP IS WOW! I didn’t ask for their packages because I already had a handful and I didn’t want to be more confused) and both Brides look gorgeous! Tak bedek.
    • My friend who got married in January this year, told me she took this Bridal. She explained to me about her experiences and I will just cut the story short – She have been asking them about outfit selections and fitting but they took so long to reply. Anyhow, I attended their reception last month and…… know it, she took another Bridal for her wedding.
    • The GTB knows that I loved them from the get-go (apart from rejected Bridal #2) and he insisted that maybe we will be treated differently but I was hesitant. I’m a nobody eventhough I am working in the TV/film industry. I don’t have more than 1k followers on my social media platforms. I am not working at some “place”. I am not exceptionally pretty. I am just a regular female who wants to look good during my wedding day 😦

On the day that I have decided to make an ‘appointment’ with this Bridal, my GTB messaged me and said, “Yes, her face macam have an attitude and if we were to be with someone for give and take 10hours, I would want us to be with someone who gives out +ve vibes).

Like I said, I need to have my GTB opinion because it is our day and I want the both of us to look and feel good.

On the same day… I would call this fate, or the ‘light at the end of my tunnel’, my chosen bridal’s owner emailed me and said that they can have one more slot for me on my wedding date (more on this in the final post)!

If that isn’t a sign to reject this Bridal, I don’t know what is.

And just like that, the other 2 Bridals have to be rejected.

p/s: If you’re like me who is very indecisive, my advice would be to continually do your research and ask from guidance from Him. Afterall, what is meant to be will meant to be.


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