Our first vendor

Hello folks.

I’ve decided to squeeze in one more post about our vendor before my short hiatus 🙂

Revealing our first vendor that we booked…

Drumroll please…










The Fotorika

Now, I know…we have not publicly tell you guys about our options of photography vendors. But being the new BTB that I was last year, I just thought that maybe I should just keep it to myself. Anyhow, I enquired a few photography vendors (and also helped a fellow friend/BTB who’s getting married in May this year) about their services. Unfortunately though, they were not open for 2017 yet except for LenScript. They were kind enough to give us a bundle package if we book for 2016 and 2017. But… mai kanchiong mah. Both GTB and I felt that it was TOO early for us to book anything since it was still in the early inception (and in case if anything happens between us – like the date was not confirmed back then).

With LenScript… We fell in love. Just look at the summary of photos!!


Please feel free to take a look at their website here and view their portfolio. It’s just so stunning! What makes it even better is that, the admin was so sweet and kind. They were definitely our first option.

Next was Bliss Photo+Cinema. Like I mentioned, no other vendors were open yet. So what they quoted was for 2015/2016 packages. Boo 😦

I enquired about other vendors like Theme Photography (where this Abang Azman I think, was super nice and kind). Their services are the same all year round and it just depends on your photo frame/no. of pictures etc. So for money-concious couples, this may be a great option! They take beautiful pictures as well! Some vendors are not worth mentioninglah since they did not even bother to reply.

And then…we chanced upon PixelMuse Photography! Click on their FB page to view more pictures. I’m just going to take a few for reference 🙂


Tak ke cantik guysssss? By now, I think you all might have guessed our taste? We love the soft focus not too intense kinda pictures (if that makes sense). My heart broke when they cannot give me their quotation as they are not open yet! :Meh… But PixelMuse was our 2nd option (on the same level as Bliss).

So… How did we book The Fotorika then?

It was actually by coincidence. You see, Wandi (or Rawandi more commonly known), was my friend from Secondary School and I knew that he had set up his own photography company a few months back in 2015. But, I wasn’t really comfortable in a friend taking my photos during my wedding day (but actually, it’s better than having a stranger right). LOL. Anyhow, a good friend of mine got married in August and while the GTB and I were still going back and forth about our wedding… I noted at their services and professionalism during my friend’s wedding.


You guys, I was sold. Of course, I enquired Wandi and partner about their packages. But still, I wasn’t so sure.

As the months progressed and we have yet to book anything due to the major roadblocks in 2015, the GTB and I became quite nervous.

However, we have came to our conclusion and short-listed our preferred vendor:

1) PixelMuse
2) The Fotorika
3) LenScript/Bliss

By then in mid November, PixelMuse finally rolled our their packages. I enquired and viewed their packages. Like most couples, we have some questions for them after viewing their packages. However, to wait for their reply is like…


Anyway…they are a nice husband & wife pair (a few of my friends who got married enquired their services and I, being the BTB that I am, noted how they work etc). Their replies are all very sweet. But if you have the patience to wait for their reply, then go for it 🙂

Gedebak gedebuk when we have finally settled the super confirm date and event itinerary with our parents (quick recap here), the very next day while I was busy filming… Wandi messaged me. I don’t know if this is a coincidence or fate or what but he said he wanted to roll out a few packages for the year and was wondering if I would like to take them.

Immediately, I messaged my GTB and he also told me that he wanted to change our #1 to thefotorika because he had seen the new pictures/albums they have uploaded below (and since we were doing an evening reception on his side):


You guys….

When I got to know that my GTB and I made the same decision without informing each other just in case we kecik hati cos we both wanted PixelMuse, I was literally tearing up. We were…fated in thoughts (we both are REALLY the ‘opposites kinda attraction’).

So within the next few hours of connecting with Wandi, we have officially made our first booking!



Although thefotorika is new to this industry, I believe new is not always bad. Besides, we both LOVE LOVE LOVE their end product and if Wandi ever runs away, I know where he stays. LOL.

Do connect them on Instagram/FB and watch out for their space. Sometimes they will roll out really awesome deals that I find myself questioning “Kenape lah aku tak tunggu….”. But…in this malay wedding rat race it is always rezeki masing-masing. 🙂


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