52-week money challenge

As promised in the earlier post, here is my take on the 52-week money challenge.

I didn’t know about this challenge until the GTB told me about it. In the end, I was the one who managed to finish the challenge 🙂

Anyhow, you can get the template from Google or, you can create your own (just as long you have 52 weeks for the challenge). As for me, this was my template for 2015. Taken from Google of course.


It’s pretty self-explanatory. Every week, you add a dollar to your savings and at the end of the 52 week, you have to put $52. At the end of the 52 week/year, you would have accumulated $1378.

Now to some, this may be such a small amount as compared to your salary. It depends on your purpose of this challenge. For me, it is my umbrella money or a.k.a tips for myself to spend at the end of the year as a reward. You can multiply the digit by 2 or whatever just as long, you add an ‘x’ amount to the every week.

Disclaimer: I do have other savings for other purposes (wedding/house/travel etc) but I put that money inside my bank. This 52-week challenge, the money is kept inside my room!

Since this was my first challenge, I decided to go for the basic template because I can’t save money for nuts. I try not to withdraw too much money because when I see cash lying around, I will use it 😦 So this was a pretty big deal to me – NOT TOUCHING the cold hard cash and NOT BE ABLE to spend it.

There’s not much pros and cons actually (if you want to read about it, there were other blogs who talked about the challenge) so I’m just going to talk about my experience.

In-between the challenge:

1) As I hit the mid week of the challenge, I felt really useless because I don’t see the money coming. It’s like, I was stuck in a limbo of tens and hundreds. But I told myself that I have to keep going since the reward will be greater than what I have now.

2) Hence, I put a timely reminder at my 22nd week – ‘x’ amount to be kept every week. My reminder was set every Sunday at 1800hrs (because that’s the timing I always finish my yoga class and can withdraw the cash LOL).

*This really helped me become more discipline and created a habit to put in money every week without fail*

3) October was the hardest month to put in money because I have way too many birthdays in that month. For the 4 weeks in October, I did not put in any money simply because there was none 😦 Hence, I had to bring forward that amount of hundreds to the first week of November. That was when I was able to catch up.

*Just a tip: always anticipate when you need more money and if you don’t have spare cash, you can always bring forward the amount to the following week. JUST AS LONG YOU DON’T FORGET TO PUT IN THAT AMOUNT.*

Having said that, I have completed the challenge!!! I am beyond happy because… Imagine counting the stack of cash you secretly hide from prying eyes and discovering you have $1378! Kudos to me.

So that is done. What now?

I will still do the basic 52-week money challenge but with a twist. I will start with $52 first and at the end of this year, I will end it with $1. In that way, I can see/smell the money and won’t be disheartened again!

Good luck to any of you who will try this challenge. Whatever the amount is, always remember the purpose of this challenge. All the best!


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