The Day After I Quit My Job: Is There Life After The Office?

With about 1.5 years left to the wedding, being unemployed is perhaps the most nerve-wrecking situation to be in. I won’t lie, thinking about leaving the job that I was in took a lot of self-convincing and self-reassuring that it’s time. You’re crazy, the inner voice said. But once I’d decided, and handed the paper, it was the most liberating feeling ever.

Without having to provide a backstory to this episode or citing my reasons for leaving, all I have to say is that there wasn’t any ill will to the company at all; the circumstances preceding my resignation just made making an immediate exit common sense.

The popular question then asked of me was “What’s next?”

My answer is…nothing. Not a single other job offer, no ideas, and a newly developed cautiousness for working in a start-up. That’s not to say I’ll run for the first corporate job that’ll take me. Far from it. In fact, having worked in two start-ups confirmed my belief that I’ll never feel good working at a corporate job, but that’s another story for another time. Euphoria surrounding startups will always have a high degree of contagion on me, but I’ll have to be more selective on which one I’d like to make part of my career next.

So what now?

Ok, so I lied a little. A day after I left my job, I was approached by a recruiter on Linkedin for one of my favourite companies. I was intending to take a week off before making my next move (be it job-hunting or striking one or more things of the bucket list), but it’s silly to shut the door at this rare opportunity. I’ll accept a meeting just to see what he has to offer. If not, there’s that bucket list that I can finally devote my time to.

How’s this going to affect the wedding?

I don’t know yet, but I’m surprisingly calm about it. I always believe that He has great plans for us, and will not give us any challenge that we can’t overcome, insya Allah.


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