Hi all!

Sorry for the lack of updates as I was pretty swarmed with work for the past 5 months. We’re both pretty busy and have yet to do anything for our wedding. We’re pretty chill about it which scares me because couples that I know who are getting married in the same year have booked their vendors. WHUUUUT.

Anyway, real updates soon ok!


2 thoughts on “OLA

  1. Azmira says:


    I came across your blog while exploring 2017 BTB blogs as I’ve just set up my own this month. Haha. Love your blog! And I must say I share your sentiments when it comes to this outrageous culture of having to book vendors years in advance! I’ve just started preliminary planning for my wedding in Q4 2017, and I’m documenting it on my blog too. Hope we can connect (:


    • Potential Bridezilla says:

      Hello 🙂

      Thanks for the feedback. I’m glad there is some BTBs out there who share the same sentiments as me. I have been dying to update this blog and talk about the rat race that we BTBs have to go through but I’m so piled up with work 😦

      I will link you up!


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