10 Signs You’re Planning Your Wedding Better Than You Think You Are

  1. You help a friend with his/her wedding plans, concomitantly doing research for your own wedding such that when it’s time to decide on yours, you already have a library of information at your disposal.
  2. You blog about your wedding preparations. Similar to the above, not only are you a resource of help for others who are undergoing the same situation, the blog will comfort you in times when you feel unaccomplished – your archives show how much you’ve done!
  3. You often hear the “everything will fall into place” advice. It’s not failure if things don’t look the way you thought it would – you’re valuing your self-worth and will not accept second best for your big day. But, take heart from those before you when they say it’ll all be ok eventually.
  4. You have enough to live comfortably. While most of your income is going towards the wedding fund, you still have enough left to smile about after deducting other expenses like bills, transportation, eating out etc.
  5. Your relationship with your significant other is stronger than ever. You can look at each other and believe without any doubt that he or she is the reason that you are closing yourself to the possibility of someone else being out there.
  6. Your spreadsheet game is strong. You were never one to use Excel for anything, not even for work. But when it comes to planning your wedding timeline or budget, you’re an absolute pro.
  7. You are planning a marriage, not a wedding. You find yourselves planning for the rest of your lives, as opposed to just that one big day on the calendar. You already thought about where your future home will be, when to have kids, and how best to raise them etc.
  8. You are not bothered by other weddings. You’re just there for the food.
  9. You have a strong support system. The thing that you absolutely need whether you admit it or not is help – and your friends and family offer it in spades.
  10. You know what you want. You’ve decided on your caterer, location, bridal, photographer. But most importantly, you’ve already saved a draft email to these vendors. You’re just waiting to click send when they open for bookings.

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