5 Pelamin Trends for 2015

The dais, or pelamin, is perhaps the last thing on any GTB’s checklist for the wedding but personally I think guys should at least put some thought into how it will look. Not only will it reflect on how considerate and thoughtful you are for your bride, it’s also the anchor for the theme of your entire majlis. Personally, I feel that the pelamin is a symbol of my love and dedication to the bride, much like how our eventual home will be a symbol of our union as a family. So if there’s one thing that I do extremely well, it’s got to be the pelamin.

Increasingly, the pelamin has undergone a massive revolution, from a simple set-up in a house back in the day, to the definitive centerpiece of a wedding that could fill an entire stage in recent times. Like every component of Malay weddings here, trends come and go, but the following are the few themes that I foresee to stay for a while, perhaps even till our eventual wedding in 2017.

1. The DIY Pelamin

Quirky, unconventional, and perhaps built to the chagrin of the parents, the DIY pelamin comes with truckloads of personality. Executed correctly, it can look absolutely stunning, and will definitely stand out from the crowded wedding photos on your social media feed every Sunday.

2. The One with Crates & Pallets

Rustic. Vintage. Retro. Old School. Hipster! Whichever word you use to describe this type of pelamin, it is highly likely to be made of 80% wood. And not just any wood, mind you. Recycled wood from wine crates and pallets meant for industrial use are most commonly used for the backdrop and decorative items, although wedding vendors now re-create the look using clean and never used substitutes. Personally, I feel that’s cheating, but asalkan happy eh.

3. The Whiter than White

The all-white pelamin is timeless, classic, and an invitation for guests to wipe their hands on the kain before taking a photo with you easy on the eyes. There is also something about a white pelamin, especially when the photographer ups the exposure sesuka hati dia, that makes it look so magical.

4. The One That Actually Looks Like a Pelamin

I can almost hear the purists going “that’s not how a pelamin should look”, which is why this type of pelamin is probably the one they’ll choose eventually, even though they might have debated on throwing caution to the wind and go with the ones above at some point. The pelamin that looks like a pelamin is the model template that does not vary much from one vendor to another. Think drapes in one or two colours, an elegant lounge, flowers and plants you never see at your neighbourhood florist before, and fairy lights. Can’t forget them lights. Ok lah, as conventional as it may seem, this one is the safest bet for a fuss-free wedding.

5. The One That Kalahkan Celebrity

Sure, if you have the money, why not splurge right? Your wedding is after all, a once-in-a-lifetime celebration. Which is why there is a market for OTT pelamins – the ones that are so grand they look like they came from a palace. In the celebrity world, there seems to be this inherent need to constantly outdo another celeb’s wedding for the sole title of wedding of the year. And this, I think, influences how common folk decorate their own event. A pelamin like this probably comes with a RSVP, and one you’ll feel absolutely ashamed to give just $10 in the sampul duit if you’re lucky enough (or unlucky, depends on how you look at it) to be invited to.


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