The process of BTO II

So when the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

Pardon for the lack of updates as I was swarmed with work 😦 The GTB have been pestering me to not lose my mojo and keep this blog as alive as possible. BUTTTTTT I told him that the other point of this blog was to have his POV too! As you can tell, there’s only 1 post made by him! Such procrastinators we are :p

Moving on… From the previous post, I mentioned that we made our first appointment with HDB and paid our $2000.00 deposit. This sum is applicable for 4-room flat only and if you are buying a 2-room/3-room or 5-room flat, the deposit will be different.

Like I said in the same post, I prepared everything (more like being a kiasu lah). This helps A LOT because:

1) they will help to send the AHG/SHG application forms for you
2) they will help to send HDB Loan application form for you if you are not taking a bank loan (highly recommended because a bank loan has more interest rate)

Since October, we have been waiting for our second appointment with HDB. We didn’t expect to receive any letters beforehand (plus we didn’t do research of what to expect and didn’t ask around what happens after the first appointment).

On the 11th Nov, I received this.


It’s the HDB loan eligibility to tell you whether you are eligible for the loan. Basically this letter is to inform you that you and your partner are eligible for the HDB loan 🙂

You will receive a few pages that contain a lot of information. If you like maths, this is for you (interest rates etc). After asking my sisters who went through this phase before, this information (how much you will be paying back to HDB) is actually useless. Because once you get the keys to your house, they will recalculate your average salary and you will know the final amount of how much you owe HDB (and how much you should pay per month via CPF).

On the 27th November, we received a letter notifying that they received our AHG/SHG application (again, we did not have to snail mail this ourselves as this was done via our first appointment).


Of course I did not check the HDB portal as I’ve completely forgotten about it. So it comes as a surprise to receive another snail mail on 22nd December.

7Alhamdullilah, the both of us received quite a generous amount of grant and we are super thankful 🙏 In my previous post I mentioned that “HDB will give you more grant if one of you is unemployed/studying/NSF” and this is very true! A friend of mine received more grant because her fiancé was studying then. Rezeki masing-masing lah as long we are thankful with what we have kan? So it’s best to plan ahead 🙂

At this point, both the GTB and I are very nervous about our second appointment. It’s seriously no turning back. And the both of us have been together for 5 years (then) but this is still a huge deal! Buying a house in Singapore is no joke man! If something do happen after the second appointment and it didn’t work out between the two of you…  All your CPF savings are *kapoof*. You will also be debarred from applying a BTO for a year (if you did not turn up for the 2nd appointment, your deposit will be forfeited). Anyway, kita yang merancang, Allah yang menentukan.

About 2 weeks later on the 4th of January, I received the letter we have been waiting for – Agreement of Lease Appointment!


It will state the purchase amount of your flat, lease stamp fee + conveyancing fee (basically what you have to pay the Government) and how much you need to pay for your 10% downpayment.

If you are working as a freelance or outside the country and have no CPF, what is the next step? Your other half have to pay for the 10% (if he has enough). Else you have to top up via cash.

Lucky us, our appointment was on Sunday so the both of us don’t have to apply leave. BUT I AM NOT A MORNING PERSON ANYMOREEEE….so it was hard for me to wake up.

But it is what it is, I made it! 🙂

Upon arriving at the HDB hub, it was closed and the sign says that they are not open on Sundays. My heart was literally panicking and there were so many “what ifs” going on – like was the appointment letter legit/ did we forfeit our $2000? However, there were many people like us who were waiting for the hub to open. LOL. It finally opened at 8.45am.

The process was super quick and the HDB personnel was speaking wayyyyy too fast! I had so many questions for him so he had to stop talking and doing work to answer them.

At the end of the second appointment, you will receive:

1) agreement for lease
2) memorandum of lease
3) more lease forms under ‘The Land Titles Act’
4) agreement of order (paying your 10% downpayment)
5) agreement letter

It’s a lot of documents but be sure to read all of them so you can have answers on the spot 🙂

Oh before I forgot, you will also be asked to sign a form for them to return the deposit to one of your accounts. You will receive the $$$$ within a month but we received it within 2 weeks 🙂

The next appointment will be: collecting our keys!

Yay! Good luck to those who are applying/in the midst of applying their BTO. Hope the 2 posts make sense.


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