101: How to plan a wedding

Here’s the thing about blogging – I do miss it. Sometimes I imagine myself writing a few blog posts in my head. However, when the time comes for me to type..all my creative juices poured out at one go and I can’t seem to concentrate on one idea because I JUST GET TOO EXCITED TO WRITE (and then only managed to write a few sentences).

I’ve been trying to stay away from reading too much of BTB’s (now Bride/Wife) blogs but I can’t help it but to feel excited about their preparations and the excitement of looking for vendors and everything. When I looked at their photos, I will vision myself and how my wedding will be like.

However like our engagement, we want to keep it small, intimate, simple and inexpensive. It will not be a combine wedding as I have a lot of guests. Yes, my parents are a social butterfly (just like me). And when one of their daughters get married, they want to tell their friends and how proud they are. Moreover, I have many social circles but I am trying to keep my guestlist a maximum of 500 cards (1000 pax). I have a feeling I might worry too much about this as kalau tak jemput si dia ni (who is dia ni nya kawan), nanti kecik hati pulak…. Dear BTBs, any tips? 😦

So I guess small, intimate, simple and inexpensive won’t do kan?

I have also read this BTB’s blog who got married recently and agree wholeheartedly about who to invite to your wedding. Yes, siapalah nak invite makcik sebelah bapak punya cousin punya cousin when you barely know them, right? Why would you want to invite your whole club/cca back in Pri/Sec/Poly/Uni when you barely talk to them anymore, right? I agree with all her thoughts but with regards to inviting cousins’ of cousin or your parents friends, there is no way that I can make my stand strong and clear because they are still your parents. If you say no, diorang pulak kecik hati. I tried, and they have compromised by cutting 10% of their friends. I guess compromising helps…sometimes.

And if you are wondering, yes the GTB will have a reception on his own. Although the both of us think that combine wedding will SAVE SO MUCH COST, ultimately it all boils down to both of your parents (because we need their blessings to ensure the event runs smoothly).

Our plan as a couple was this:

1) settle BTO -> had a second appointment with HDB and the last time we will see them again is when we collect our keys 🙂

2) get engaged first -> which we already did in August 2014

3) select a date/day for the wedding and send for approval to our parents (decide if it’s going to be a 1 or 2 day event) -> insyaAllah everything will go smoothly and it will be only be 1 day in March 2017 (suspens sikit lah…date reveal nanti ok 😉 )

4) move on to wedding preparations (finding vendors for photography, bridal, catering etc) -> in the midst of it so if you have any suggestions please feel free to let me know! We would really appreciate it 🙂

And then I guess…everything will fall into place after that?

And oh, I suggested that this month (February) will be our cooling period as the both of us was handling and attending weddings for the whole month of January. To be fair to us, we relax first. Although……. We did stop by Expo a week ago to see the wedding exhibitions. This experience will be blog later or hopefully, the GTB does it. Heh.


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