10 Things Your Wife-To-Be Says That You Should Layankan Jer

1. “She totally didn’t have a small engagement/wedding.”

No matter what she says, a BTB loves to compare her engagement/wedding with other BTBs, especially within her own circle of friends. When she gets wind of a friend’s engagement/wedding that is anything but sederhana (as told by said friend before), this groundbreaking news will definitely make its rounds as gossip fodder at the watercooler. My advice: be the watercooler and dengar kan je.

2. “I can’t believe she got engaged.”

If there’s one thing that gets all the girls talking, it’s when someone they know got engaged despite her explicitly making it clear that she would never ever. I don’t even know why this is an issue. Things change, situations change, but what doesn’t change is the gossip factory. High school drama will never quite leave our significant others as they enter womanhood, and soon, married life. Kadang-kadang kelakar jugak tengok telatah dorang, so grab a Coke and popcorn, and just enjoy the show.

3. “I’m not stalking, I’m doing research.”

If there’s a will, there’s a way. If she wants to know which bridal house so-and-so has engaged, she’ll gali sampai ke perut bumi to find the answer. Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, blogs – nothing’s hidden from her. She will return with a report of her findings, and when she does, it is important to indulge her storytelling by listening to her.

4. “I need to lose weight.”

This is a classic statement which you should have a response to at any point in your relationship, wedding or no wedding. We all know there is no correct response to this, though, so proceed with caution. Lagi-lagi time nak kahwin, danger kalau salah cakap bro.

5. “OMG! I have the best wedding idea.”

If you have the same idea, refrain from claiming it as yours. Doing that will just hurt her feelings and she’ll resent you for stealing her thunder. It’s best not to offer your opinion on what she’s chosen to wear, or which wedding hack she’s decided on, especially if she’s already convinced none of her friends had done it before. Show your support, and ask if you can copy her idea if you’d like it for your own reception.

6. “OMG! We have the same idea!”


Sometimes this happens when you tell her about this one awesome idea that you have for your wedding. Depending on her reaction, you should tailor your response accordingly. If she’s exhilarated that you’re both on the same page, celebrate this moment as it’s rare and far in between. If she’s visibly upset, see #5.

7. “I’m so stressed!”

Yes, I know. Preparing for a wedding is no walk in the park. Sensitivity levels are heightened especially during this tumultuous times, but we’ll get through it. Hold her hands, look into her eyes, and say something non sequitur.

8. “That’s the dress I want. Lawa kan?!”

Let just say the incorrect response is “You’re wearing that?”. A bride picks a dress she emotionally connects with so she may take it personally if you question her taste. The adage ‘if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all’ is golden here.

9. “I’m not going to be a bridezilla.”

Things may be going smoothly, and there may be no bridezilla moments yet. Till the inevitable happens, whenever your significant other says she’s not going over to the dark side, roll your eyes (when she’s not looking, of course). When she goes cray cray, it’s a steep and slippery downhill slope, and there’s nothing you can do but let it run its course.

10. “It’s OUR wedding!”


No honey, it’s all yours.


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