Who started the trend

Whoever started the trend of booking your vendors wayyyy ahead of your wedding…


The price hike of most vendors (that I have researched) are ridiculous! I know that we live in a country where everything is so expensive but when did this kiasu-ism start? If the Chinese can get engaged and married within a year or a year and a half without booking way ahead like the Malays, why can’t we do the same like them? Keep in mind that most Chinese propose first before meeting their partner’s parents. Unlike them, the Malays have to seek approval first and then proceed for the ‘traditional’ engagement ceremony. Fortunately or unfortunately for me, we did neither of those.

[edit] I’m not against or for the price hike in the wedding industry. I mean…with the rising cost of living in Singapore, it comes without saying that everything will increase as well. What I am not okay is how people ‘chope’ their slots for their wedding in 1 to 2 years time. To me, that is just crazy! Like imagine if I am in love with this bridal company but I am only getting married in a year’s time and have JUST started to prepare for the wedding. Sadly, the bridal company is booked on that day! As a BTB, I will be really disheartened and sad but I have to move on and look for other bridal companies, right? That is just one example. As I am preparing and starting to ask quotes from some vendors, I realized how cut-throat this industry is and it is really first come first serve 😦 Hence, in order to get our top choice, we have to ‘chope’ once they open slots kan? That is what I am not okay with but since we are already in this situation, have to suck it up. [/edit]

How did we come to our consensus to be together then? Well… We’ve been together for 5 years (then) and in our 3rd and 4th year, we’ve talked about building a future together. In our 5th year, I wanted to switch job that has to do with me being away for a long time. The only way that I can have his heart at peace is – to secure our relationship. Well, at least that’s my point of view :p

Anyway, that being said… He did not propose and I do not mind this at all! He then met my parents formally to seek their approval/blessings. Followed by a really impromptu merisik by his parents who came to my house for Hari Raya and we set a date for a small and private sarung cincin ceremony….We were officially engaged a few weeks later!


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