The idea of this platform was to journal our preparations from our BTO process to researching/getting vendors for our raja sehari day in 2017 (and hopefully after marriage as well).

The groom-to-be (GTB) had this idea of writing a blog from a GTB’s perspectives about preparing for a Malay wedding because you know…there was no known blogs from any GTB. “It’s always about the Bride you know like what she wants and basically the whole idea of a ‘fairytale wedding’. Wouldn’t it be nice if people know just how tough it is for all GTB’s as well”, he once said. But that blog never make its mark.

Meanwhile, I wanted to start a blog about BTO process for my friends since many have asked me about it. Again, that blog never make its mark (also because we could not come up with a nice name for either blogs). And so I thought, why don’t we combine ideas and you know, take turns to write. And…so it’s hereeee!

Why kopi? We met while working at Starbucks Coffee at Raffles City store.

Anyway… Introduction of us will be in another entry (or whichever is better, I shall leave it to the GTB since he is better at this html thing than me).


p/s: Pardon me for the lack of flow or coherent thoughts/sentences because it’s been a while since I last blog (stopped when I was 19 years old). If you know me personally, I am the asal boleh girl and can talk for ages but I can be really japalang when it comes to writing my thoughts :p


4 thoughts on “Foreword

    • fiqaxizad says:


      ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank you so much for taking the time to read. I feel that sometimes I write a lot and even my GTB tak kuasa nak bace. I just read your posts and I’m so excited reading about your prep towards your wedding!

      p/s: Pixelmuse is also one of my shorlisted photography vendors and also ISHQ! So lucky you managed to secure both vendors (ISHQ almost fully booked next year kan?)


      • route2wed says:

        Thank you too for reading my long elaborated posts! Maybe its just a girls thing to share but for guys, they just want things straight to the point, dont you think so? Hahaha.
        And yes, ISHQ is almost booked for next year, crazy! Mine, I had to wait for 5 weeks before i let a sigh of relief, so nerve wrecking! If you’re planning to go for ISHQ better enquire quick if your date is available tak. And for pixelmuse, they’re only taking one event now and no more videography.
        Although I cant 100% second that they’re good like the other brides cause my wedding is only next year (baru place deposits aje haha) But I believe, with them, we’re in good hands, Insyaallah ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ™


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